30 July 2012

Tabea says 

I learned about Cambodian culture and Buddhist religion 
what broaden my horizon a lot.

Name: Tabea Schaarschmidt
Date of report: 30.07.2012
Work place/community at SCC: Head Office Phnom Penh, SCC schools
Position/function: English teacher, office assistant
Education: job training as retailer in a natural health store
Years of post-graduation work experience: -
Work experience abroad: 10 months in Vancouver, Canada
Duration of voluntary service: 1 year
Accommodations during voluntary service: apartment (self-arranged)

My activities at SCC: 
teaching English, editing reports and emails, updating SCC facebook page

I am happy about my volunteering with SCC who became my Cambodian family. They helped me to learn about Cambodian culture and Buddhist religion what broaden my horizon a lot. It was interesting to work in a very different work environment as I knew so far and I learned socializing is really important to my Cambodian colleagues and I was really overwhelmed by their friendliness and felt welcome all the time.

Even if it was sometimes challenging for me to teach – as I never taught before – I learned so much about my student's daily sorrows and joys and I got so much happiness back from them. Beside of teaching I provided information on our SCC facebook page, edited reports and emails of my colleagues. Furthermore I created students profiles in English and organized a handicraft workshop. I joined SCC events such as rice-, school material and school uniform contribution what gave me a deeper view into SCC's work. It was really joyful to join SCC meetings, meditation and the annual staff retreat in Sihanoukville. I was able to visit the other SCC branches in Siem Reap and Battambong and SCC partners what was very informative to me. Moreover, I assisted in finding a suitable school for a disabled student of SCC school and financial support which covers the transportation to his new school. 
Overall, my experiences are positive and I felt very pleased to live and work in the bustling city Phnom Penh.

01 March 2012

Robyn says

My time with the students would have to be one of the 
most rewarding and satisfying times of my life.  

Name: Robyn Donaldson                                           
Date of report: 17th February 2012
Work place/community at SCC: SCC school, Phnom Penh and Siem Reap
Position/function: English teacher
Education: High School & various college courses
Years of post-graduation work experience: 30+ in Australia
Work experience abroad: This is my first time working abroad
Duration of voluntary service: Two months in Phnom Penh, one month in Siem Reap                    
Accommodations during voluntary service: Projects Abroad apartment 

My activities at SCC:
Teaching English – grammar and spelling rules; English conversation; map reading

I loved working with the students….they were enthusiastic about learning, and listened to what I was teaching them. It was such a pleasure to teach.  It was satisfying to see their confidence grow as they learnt more English rules & conversation each week.  I loved that they would practice their English conversation on a daily basis with me, and each other.  They were lots of fun and respectful also.  This experience is a major highlight of my life. The teachers are also very special and I now consider them my friends. I was treated with great respect.

I also thank SCC for supporting my suggestion of a day trip to Phnom Tamao.  We all had such a wonderful day, and I will always remember the happiness on the faces of the students as we visited the animals and relaxed over lunch. 

I’m also very happy that Projects Abroad organized supported my request to paint the classrooms in Phnom Penh – it gave the volunteers such great pleasure to brighten up the rooms.

I would like to come back one day and hopefully do more volunteering with SCC.

30 January 2012

Natsu says

the most rewarding experience in volunteering with SCC was the support and 
friendliness that I received from the SCC staff

Name: Natsu Fujita
Date of report: 26 Jan 2012
Work place/community at SCC: Phnom Penh office, Samrong Meanchey, 
                                               and Beoung Kak
Position/function: Health teaching volunteer in the communities, and assisted 
                            in the office as necessary
Education: BSN
Years of post-graduation work experience: 6 years 
Work experience abroad: 6 years in Canada
Duration of voluntary service: 3 months
Accommodations during voluntary service: apartment (self-arranged)

My activities at SCC:
- teaching school aged children in the communities about healthy behaviors.
- creating and preparing teaching materials and additional resources for the CBE in 

   Phnom Penh.
- assisting the office staff in writing their English emails and the SCC annual report.
- assisted with data entry of the SCC annual report

Throughout my time at SCC, I was able to participate in writing the draft of the SCC annual survey, which was beneficial in increasing my knowledge about NGOs and development work. I also felt that I was able to create some teaching material which could be used by the teachers in the future. Through my interaction and bonding with the SCC community staff I was able to share my knowledge and experience about various health issues as well.
It was a difficult transition at first in a very different work environment from what I was used to, but I was received warmly by the SCC staff and by the end of my 3 months I was satisfied with my whole experience at SCC.