30 January 2012

Natsu says

the most rewarding experience in volunteering with SCC was the support and 
friendliness that I received from the SCC staff

Name: Natsu Fujita
Date of report: 26 Jan 2012
Work place/community at SCC: Phnom Penh office, Samrong Meanchey, 
                                               and Beoung Kak
Position/function: Health teaching volunteer in the communities, and assisted 
                            in the office as necessary
Education: BSN
Years of post-graduation work experience: 6 years 
Work experience abroad: 6 years in Canada
Duration of voluntary service: 3 months
Accommodations during voluntary service: apartment (self-arranged)

My activities at SCC:
- teaching school aged children in the communities about healthy behaviors.
- creating and preparing teaching materials and additional resources for the CBE in 

   Phnom Penh.
- assisting the office staff in writing their English emails and the SCC annual report.
- assisted with data entry of the SCC annual report

Throughout my time at SCC, I was able to participate in writing the draft of the SCC annual survey, which was beneficial in increasing my knowledge about NGOs and development work. I also felt that I was able to create some teaching material which could be used by the teachers in the future. Through my interaction and bonding with the SCC community staff I was able to share my knowledge and experience about various health issues as well.
It was a difficult transition at first in a very different work environment from what I was used to, but I was received warmly by the SCC staff and by the end of my 3 months I was satisfied with my whole experience at SCC.

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