24 July 2011

Sina says

my overall experience of living and working in Cambodia has been very positive and attractive

Name: Sina Brod
Date of report: 24/07/11       
Work place/community at SCC: head office, Phnom Penh
Position/function: HR & Media Advisor
Education: BA culture & management, MA cultural sciences
Years of post-graduation work experience: -
Work experience abroad: 1 year
Duration of voluntary service: 1 year                                          
Accommodations during voluntary service: apartment (self-arranged)   

It has been about eleven months since I arrived in Cambodia and started living and working in Phnom Penh. SCC staff became a family to me, with whom it is really nice to work with, go on trips and to share daily life issues. My area of work switched from Public Relations to the field of Human Resource back again to Public Relations. For Public Relations purposes I designed a folder with Photoshop to give to donors or partners in order to keep promotion material or even reports. Further I assisted in the organization and conduction of a workshop on HIV/AIDS sustainability including other NGOs of SCC's network. I also organized and accompanied the production of film footage with a local film crew of the Royal University Phnom Penh (RUPP) and SCC at our children basic education centers in Phnom Penh and Somroang Mean Chey as requested by our British donor CAFOD. 

I also wrote a welcome map for new volunteers working with SCC and experiencing the huzz and buzz of Phnom Penh and Cambodia ;)  Additionally Lalin and I gave presentations about SCC’s work and the situation of HIV/AIDS in Cambodia for VAC volunteers at STAR Kampuchea. I also worked together with Lalin on his time management in order to development a guide for staff appraisals and renewal of contracts and so on. Moreover one of my continuous tasks are to edit guidelines, reports or letters for my colleagues, to follow up on the media updates such as the homepage and the social network like facebook and the blog for volunteers. 
I have occasionally visited the communities in Phnom Penh and teach English to my colleagues three times a week. My English lessons run well with a firm number of students. This makes me feel happy and satisfied as I experience mutual respect from SCC staff towards me as a teacher, as a colleague and as friend. Concerning my work at SCC, I recently got a deeper insight in structural development of an NGO, such as working on a strategy, evaluating programs according to the objectives and looking for the enhancement of staff capacity together with the line managers. Our director Mr. Thoeun shared his point of view in terms of strategic planning and the enhancement of SCC. This is basically to constantly develop sustainable projects for the beneficiaries in order to improve our services and help the beneficiaries  become self-reliable. Further it is important to keep in mind the broad picture and objectives of the NGO and follow these in line with international trends in development work in the Kingdom of Cambodia and the region. Therefore networking with local authorities, other non-profit organizations and international non-government organizations plays a key role, too. 

On account of the enjoyable time at work and the common leisure activities with colleagues I feel very comfortable working and living in Phnom Penh and would like to continue staying here.

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