21 July 2011

Mara says

working with the children was extremely rewarding, and the support network was very helpful

Name: Mara Budgen
Date of report: 18/07/11       
Work place/community at SCC: Boeung Kak Centre
Position/function: English teacher
Education: High school diploma, second year undergraduate studies
Years of post-graduation work experience: -
Work experience abroad: -
Duration of voluntary service: 1 month                                            
Accommodations during voluntary service: guesthouse (self-arranged)     

My role was to teach English to Primary and Elementary school children every day at the Boeung Kak Community Based Education center. Although I didn’t receive a lot of information prior to my arrival about the organization or the children’s level of English, I was able to adapt adequately to this challenge. Working with these children was very rewarding and I was extremely satisfied with my experience, also the teachers at the school were very helpful and supportive.
Although it is hard to measure what I achieved, as a lot of the work done will emerge later in the children’s lives, I am very satisfied with what they have learnt. In terms of personal growth, I learnt a lot about teaching children (something I’d never done). I was able to structure my lessons by adapting the work day by day, as a consequence to the children’s response to the work done.
The challenges I faced during my volunteering were related to the teaching, per se. In particular, in the Primary class, some children are very young, and have a difficult time concentrating, and absorbing information. They would be better suited for a class with a younger age-focus. However, I realize that this may be impracticable, and in any case, I am confident that the things learned will show themselves in later life.

What I found most rewarding about my experience volunteering with SCC is that I grew so close to the children, and contributed to their academic achievements.

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