06 March 2011

Johanna says

I got a deeper insight into the culture and the life of great 
and lovely Cambodian kids!

Name: Johanna Rock                                                            
Date of report: 31.01.2011
Work place/community at SCC: Samrong Meanchey
Position/function: English and computer teacher
Higher technical college for computing and business management
Years of post-graduation work experience: -
Work experience abroad: -
Duration of voluntary service: three months                                               
Accommodations during voluntary service:    
Tattoo Guesthouse / Guest Family  

Teacher for grade 5 and 6 in Samrong Meanchey  for English (thrice weekly) and computer (twice weekly) lessons. The volunteering at SCC and the school in Samrong Meanchey was a great experience and a chance for me to get a deeper insight into the culture and the life of great and lovely Cambodian kids as well as to reveal the problems of this country.  Furthermore I got to know and work with the incredibly nice staff of SCC and spent many lunch breaks with them (listening to the for me incomprehensible language).

My personal achievements were surely to get known the culture and the people in Cambodia, also it was a great chance to improve my own English skills. Furthermore it also was very important for me to help people and mostly children (who really need the education) with my work, I think this worked out well.

The most rewarding about my volunteering is for me not only the personal expand of horizon but also the feeling I helped my kids just a little bit with obtaining education to have the chance of a better life.

Surely the biggest challenge of all was the country itself, there are so many new things you have to get used to and the poverty you get confronted with. Also it was a challenge for me to teach students with such a enormous difference of standard of knowledge in one class.
Thank you for everything =)

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